• Santosa Java Black Tea (BOPS)
  • Santosa Java Black Tea (BOPS)
  • Santosa Java Black Tea (BOPS)

Santosa Java Black Tea (BOPS)

The Santosa Java Black Tea is a high quality BOPS (broken orange pekoe special) tea that is grown on the famous Santosa estate on the island of Java, Indonesia. Although many Indonesian teas are sold on the market for blending purposes, teas from the Santosa estate are an exception. This special variety of teas is prized over the world as unique self-drinkers. These tea leaves are only produced during Java’s peak growing season in August. When brewed, this wonderful cup of tea can be described as light and malty, with subtle floral undertones typical of high-quality Indonesian teas. Although you may choose to enjoy this tea British style with milk and sugar, feel free to give it a Javanese style – brewed double strength with double the amount of sugar!



Boil or heat water to 212˚ Fahrenheit
Use 2 teaspoon for every 16 to 24 oz of hot water
Steep for 5 to 7 minutes 

Caffeine: about 40 mg per 8oz cup.

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