• Jasmine Silver Needle
  • Jasmine Silver Needle
  • Jasmine Silver Needle

Jasmine Silver Needle

Jasmine tea production is a two-step process. The tea is harvested and finished in the Spring, then carefully stored until the Summer while the jasmine leaves begin to bloom. Each evening, the tea is carefully layered with fresh jasmine blooms, which slowly opens and layer its floral scent onto the tea leaves. Then in the morning, the flowers are removed and the process is repeated again that evening. This happens several nights in a row until the tea master has perfected its aroma balance. At the end, the tea is re-fired to dry off any flower moisture imparted onto the leaf. The final product is our Jasmine Silver Needle tea that has all the appeal and sweetness of white tea with the addition of enhanced aroma of blossomed jasmine flowers. When brewed this tea can best be described by its airy flavor, delicate mouthfeel and pleasantly dry finish. 


Boil or heat water to 190˚ to 205˚ Fahrenheit
Use 1 tablespoon for every 16 to 24 oz of hot water
Steep for 3 to 5 minutes

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